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"I marvel at Cece Yentzen. Her musical prose is as effortless as it is moving. Three words permeated my first and subsequent listens:   Yes! Wow! More!"

- Shane Adams, twice GRAMMY nominated music educator, award-winning producer and songwriter, president of Artist Accelerator, and founding instructor for Berklee Online.


After years of late-night sessions in studios, closets, and living rooms — and in spite of job losses, tech glitches, and a pandemic — Cece Yentzen's "While You Were Sleeping" is finally here.  These songs were born from her southern roots and maturity, and explore the dark and light facets of humanity from regret, betrayal, and fear to trust, gratitude, nostalgia, and unconditional love.

Produced by Mark Abernathy



In the Americana scene, pay attention to Cece Yentzen. With a silky voice and nostalgic songwriting, listeners often compare her to Joni Mitchell. Cece charms her listeners through the use of mindful dissonance, alternate tunings, evocative melodies, and lyrical imagery.

Cece was destined to be a musician. She began classical training on piano at five and sang in choirs from preschool through college. After college, she settled for a non-musical career until a severe accident set her back on her intended path. During her recovery, Cece's fiancé came home with a guitar and her songwriting began.




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